Sos olarak Köfte

Meatballs In Sauce Recipes & food

Sos Tarifleri In Köfte

Porsiyon sayısı:


Pişirme süresi:

45 dakika


minced beef 700 g
50 gr soğan
yeşil biber 1 Adet
havuç 1 adet
canned tomato sauce 25 g
25 ml white wine
40 g bread
diş sarımsak 2 Adet

Put to soak the bread, it better be the day before. Cuano is tender drain them and mix it with ground beef in a bowl. It salpimenta and added chopped garlic, egg some parsley if you have. Mix well and reserve in the fridge for a while
Lightly fry the onion in a pan with oil, add the sliced ​​peppers and carrots. Then add the tomatoes and wine. Leave everything cooking
Now we will be forming the meatballs with the mass, we take lots, and give them a pass in flour before frying
When we have all the chips in the pot with a pint of water, a stock cube and leave cooking for about 10 minutes over medium heat.

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