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Porsiyon sayısı:


Pişirme süresi:

45 dakika


whole chicken 1 piece
minced beef 250 g
50 g bacon
onion 60 g
diş sarımsak 1 adet
30 g bread
10 ml white wine
1 tuz tadı
1 tat karabiber

Ideally, this recipe is that you buy the chicken in your trusted butcher, ask for and give it clean and boning for you easier. Salpimentas home already inside and out to your liking
Turn the oven to 200 degrees so that it warms. Meanwhile, peel and chop the onion as much garlic clove, finely you chop everything. Pica also as small as you can mix it with the bacon and onion and garlic
Soak bread crumbs in a little milk, when done mixes with bacon and onion and finally add the ground beef, salpimenta to your liking. Try it is well blended
With this mixture of ingredients proceed to fill the whole chicken. When you fill closes the ends and sew with strong thread
Place stuffed chicken in a baking dish and you water with a splash of olive oil and white wine with another. You put it in the oven and let it do for nearly two hours. It is advisable to turn the chicken a couple of times to do the same everywhere.

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