Sote sebze ile dana bonfile

Sirloin steak with sautéed vegetables Recipes & food

Sotelenmiş sebze Tarifler ile dana bonfile


Beefsteak 1200 g
havuç 1 adet
200 g green beans
chickpeas 50 g
70 g potatoes
50 gr pırasa
tuz 1 bit

Porsiyon sayısı:


Pişirme süresi:

60 dakika

For this recipe you’ll use a can of chickpeas are already cooked, to avoid having to do it ourselves. Rinsed under the tap and encurren. The potato is peeled, cut into fine julienne and fry well. Carrots and green beans are also washed and cut into julienne
In a skillet with a little oil fry hot chickpeas, beans and carrots. Little time for chickpeas not pass or vegetables from burning
Now prepare to make grilled beef entrecote, recommend doing live fire and we were not passing on the inside, rather it should be pink inside
When the saute pan is done, add the potatoes and fried, stir and servimoe on the plate, place the vegetables on the sliced ​​steak pieces and everyone can enjoy the taste.

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