Incir reçeli ve kakao ile Turuncu marine ördek

Orange marinated duck with fig jam and cocoa Recipes and food

Incir reçeli ve kakao Tarifler Orange marine ördek


Kakao ile incir reçeli
Ördek göğsü
Tereyağı Milbona
Tuz ve karabiber
3 oranges
5 g of powdered ginger

Porsiyon sayısı:


Pişirme süresi:

35 dakika

We make 3 oranges juice and mix it with ginger powder, sugar and 5 g. salt.

We clean the duck breast, leaving only the fat necessary for the mark does not dry. Once cleaned, punctured and marinate the duck breast. Retain approximately 6 hours. Cut the supreme. Remaining on the skin do diagonal cuts in one direction and the other. Magret caramelize in a pan.

Meanwhile peel and cut the pear for garnish. Sauté conjunction with magret and add a little butter. Rectify with salt and pepper.

Placing Emplatamos cocoa fig jam in the center of the plate and on it the next magret and caramelized pears.

Decorate with a sheet of Salvia.

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