Soğan Çorbası Graten

Soğan Çorbası Graten Tarifleri

First, put a pot to boil, pour the melted butter and spread when we toss the chopped onion leaves for gilding. We stopped for a while on medium heat so that the onions are caramelized. Beware not to fire too high to not cold
Su bir tavuk suyu küp litre çözülür
When the onion is tender we add the white wine, water with dissolved pill and a sprig of thyme will work well. When it starts boiling put the fire cociento slower and we slowly at least one hour
After this time, remove from the heat and season to taste
Soup is served in clay pots, put a couple of pieces of toast for us in every pot and grated cheese over each slice of bread
Put the hot oven and we put the pots several minutes until cheese is golden brown.

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