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Porsiyon sayısı:


Pişirme süresi:

45 dakika


pastry sheet 2 Unit
minced beef 800 g
80 g onion
diş sarımsak 3 Birim
40 g olives
canned tomato sauce 300 g
1 tuz tadı
zevkinize karabiber

It should be very thin peel and chop the garlic, do the same with the onion. Heat a pan with a little oil and cook the garlic. When garlic is a little color added chopped onion and sautéing leaves few minutes
When the vegetables have softened and slightly sautéed, add seasoned ground beef. Stir and let rehogándose again for several minutes, stirring constantly. Depues add the pitted olives, sliced ​​and fried tomato. Stir well and leave a few minutes rehogándose
You must turn the oven temperature to go taking. Regulates the oven at 190-200 degrees. While baking dish greased with a little butter and sprinkle flour on top so the pie does not stick. Spread the sheet you will be using for the pie and place covering the source
Extends across the filler completely covering the foil and covered with another dough sheet of the same size as the base sheet. While sealing edges of the two sheets of dough and repeatedly click the topsheet to breathe a little mass in the oven
Pinta above pie with beaten egg and put the tray in the oven for twenty minutes. Saca when you observe well browned.

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