Levrek Patates ile Izgara

Patates Tarifler ile Levrek Izgara

To start, if you have not already bought the bass cleaned by your trusted fishmonger, wipe yourself removing the head and removing the tenderloin
Now add to heat a pot of water and take the bones and head, a little salt and parsley and cook for fifteen minutes, to get the broth. I tagged along and keep
Chop the onion ajitos and julienne. Peel and cut the potatoes into slices and salted
Put the garlic and onion to fry in a pan with enough oil. and then add the potatoes and let a few minutes frying
While the bass had the plank, with a pinch of salt, do the loins on both sides
We can prepare a sauce in a pan with olive oil, heat it up and toss a teaspoon of flour. When browned add the jugito unpoco plate after making the bass, the glass of white wine and a portion of the stock we did. We let the broth down afterwards a sauce with good color. Sea bass is served with fried potatoes and not too over the sauce.

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