Sosis Yumurta

Sosis Tarifler ile Yumurta

Let’s peel strips as potatoes, wash them well and fry in plenty of oil. The trick is that the potatoes must be fried, not too fried to eat better in this recipe. Now Chop the onion into strips. In another large pan with a dash of oil we fry the onion with a pinch of salt. If you want when the onion begins to brown is added a teaspoon of honey and allowed several minutes for calamelice
Once the onion is ready, add the potatoes to this pan, drained the clear oil, and mix with onions
fry the four eggs. Let throwing fried eggs in a bowl with a fork and let crushing and breaking eggs to blend
Biz de petrol ve yavru bir tavada tarafından Sosis geçirdi
Serve the dish with the mixture of potatoes and onions, with eggs broken over and pieces of sausage.

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