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500 g potato
1 tuz tadı
100 ml zeytinyağı
diş sarımsak 1 adet
10 g parsley

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Garlic mayonnaise potatoes are easy to prepare, the first thing is to have the potatoes well made ​​and in good taste, for it the peel and the short square-shaped pieces. Heat a pan with enough oil and fry the potatoes until golden but not too much, so they are not very hard to eat
When the serves of the pan, place them on paper towel to soak the excess oil from potatoes
Now we ali oli sauce, to grind it in a blender along with the garlic oil, eye the oil is poured slowly while whisk, until creamy like mayonnaise. It takes a little salt and chopped parsley
It only remains to put the potatoes on a plate with appropriate watering garlic mayonnaise sauce we made.

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