Rice Stew

Rice Stew Recipes & food

Rice Stew Recipes


150 g rice
chickpeas 50 g
1000 ml broth
carrot 1 piece
potatoes 1 piece

Number of servings:


Cooking time:

60 minutes

Keep in mind that to make this recipe, we use ingredients that we get to do before a pout. We will use both the broth from the pot, like carrots, chickpeas, chicken, carrots, potatoes and even if the pot has ham
First we cut the carrots and potatoes into thin slices
We pot heat the broth in a saucepan and add the chickpeas. You add the potato and carrot together we chopped chicken and ham into tiny pieces
We leave the pot over medium heat up, when the broth is hot we take a little salt and add the rice. We left about 20 minutes simmering rice in broth until tender to your liking. Once done aside and serve it hot as you feel well.

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