Pork loin in pepper sauce

Pork loin in pepper sauce Recipes & food

Pork loin in pepper sauce Recipes

Number of servings:


Cooking time:

45 minutes


red pepper 3 Unit
green pepper 2 Unit
30 ml white wine
700 g of pork loin
leek 40 g
clove garlic 3 Unit

Prepare the baking dish, put in it a splash of oil, leek and chopped peppers, garlic cloves, a couple of sheets of laure, salt, thyme and rosemary if we
Place the pork loin in the center with the base of vegetables and salpimentalo
Turn the oven to 180 degrees and put the source about 45 minutes. When you take half the time water it with white wine
When we remove the source of the oven, we remove the ingredients to a blender cup and beat everything to obtain a sauce
Cut the tenderloin into steaks not too thick, and served sprinkled with the sauce back we crushed. We can also accompany with boiled or fried potatoes.

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