Beer In Chicken Casserole

Beer In Chicken Casserole Recipes & food

Beer In Chicken Casserole Recipes


whole chicken 1 piece
Carrot 2 Unit
onion 70 g
clove garlic 3 Unit
red pepper 1 Unit
300 ml beer
1 to taste salt
black pepper to taste 1

Number of servings:


Cooking time:

56 minutes

Chicken recommend buying from a butcher and ask to split it into small pieces. Once you have it you have to spice up the chicken pieces and roll in flour briefly
Heat a pan with a drizzle of olive oil and chicken pieces passes for browning
When you take the chicken thrown into the same pan the onions and the garlic, leave them a few minutes over medium heat for pochen. After you add the chopped carrots and sliced ​​peppers. When the vegetables are lightly browned add the chicken to the pan, we water everything with beer and let sauté everything together while stir. We left about 20 minutes before removing and serving.

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