Salmon en papillote with vegetables

Salmon en papillote with vegetables Recipes & food

Salmon en papillote with vegetables Recipes

Number of servings:


Cooking time:

45 minutes


200 g fresh salmon
Carrot 4 Unit
80 g zucchini
onion 100 g
leek 60 g
black pepper 1 bit
dill 10 g
salt 1 bit

Peel and cut the onion into strips, once done put it to fry in a pan with a little oil over low heat
While the onion is done, add the carrots, courgettes, leeks and onions all julienned. When the vegetables are almost done the draw from the pan
Cut a large piece of aluminum foil and place the steaks in the center, and check salpimenta some dill above gives a good taste
Place the salmon on fried vegetables respartido. Close the paper so that no air leaving a little egg to swell into a little
Turn the oven to 190 degrees and put the wrapped salmon for about a quarter of an hour of time. Time always depends on the size of the salmon, we realize that is made ​​when the foil is quite bloated.

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