Chickpeas With Chard

Chickpeas With Chard Recipes & food

Chickpeas With Chard Recipes

Number of servings:


Cooking time:

45 minutes


chard 1000 g
head of garlic 1 piece
paprika 1 bit
20 g bread
onion 70 g

The chickpeas should be soaked the night before, so are perfect for guisarlos
Put a pressure cooker chickpeas, drained of its water to soak. Put the garlic head, except for a couple of teeth that reserve for later, a little salt and a bay leaf. We cover it all with water and let cooking 40 minutes over medium heat
While we prepare a sauce with onion and garlic cloves that have booked, when braised add a slice of bread and let the bread becomes a bit. Away from the fire, we take this cup sauce to a blender with a little cumin and paprika and a little water stew of chickpeas. I grind it all together
Now let’s go in another pot placing chopped chard, chickpeas already cooked and the water we have, and we just prepare sofrito. We left 10 – 12 minutes all together guisandose simmer and serve hot.

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