Pear Cake

Pear Cake Recipes & food

Pear Cake Recipes

Number of servings:


Cooking time:

45 minutes


250 g wheat flour
200 g sugar
50 ml whole milk
whole eggs 2 Unit
1 tablespoon yeast
pear 4 Unit
sugar 1 bit
1 piece lemon
70 ml olive oil

Put a proper bowl the eggs, milk, sugar and oil. Use a grater to grate the skin of a lemon on the ingredients. Take an electric mixer and beat well until all dough leaving a thin, uniform
Now add the flour with the yeast, mix everything slowly first, then the mixer goes more smoothly than before
Now grease the pan you are going to use to make the cake, pour the batter into the mold
Clean and peel the pears, cut into sheets and see decorating the entire surface with pears. Finger crimp pear chunks to sink a little
Preheat oven to 180 degrees, sprinkle everything with sugar and put the pan in the oven for half an hour or 40 minutes. Check it is cooked right through before removing.

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