Chicken skewers and grilled pork

Chicken skewers and grilled pork Recipes & food

Chicken skewers and grilled pork Recipes


300 g of pork loin
300 g chicken breast
red pepper 1 Unit
green pepper 1 Unit
tomato 1 piece
onion 40 g
20 g mustard
salt 1 bit
black pepper 1 bit

Number of servings:


Cooking time:

60 minutes

Cut both chicken meat like tenderloin into pieces large squares. Prepare a seasoning of salt, pepper and mustard and let the meat mixed with the dressing at least an hour of time
Chop all vegetables also similar in size pieces of meat
Now let assembling the skewers, putting pieces of meat and vegetables interspersed
Heat the grill and put the skewers, turning them over so that they become equal everywhere
Serve the skewers are secure when accompanied with some sort of sauce.

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