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Americanos Cheesecake Recipes


24 Unit cookies
90 g butter
iogurte natural 1 peça
800 g cream cheese
250 g de açúcar
Unidade 3 ovos inteiros
flour 3 tbsp
300g raspberries
1 pedaço de limão

Número de porções:


Tempo de cozimento:

85 minutes

Crush the cookies all you can, melt the butter and mix with crackers to form a paste. This paste is completely filled the mold base where we do the cake
Using a blender mix the cheese, yogurt, cheese, flour, a little lemon juice if you have a hint of vanilla. After mixing, add eggs one by one while mixing. Pour the dough on the cookie base we set earlier
Start the oven at 180 degrees and gets temperature when the mold 10 minutes after the temperature drops slightly and allow 20 minutes more
When the kicks, let cool a bit and keep it in the fridge a few hours
moisturizes a sheet of gelatin in a glass of water. Put in a pot raspberries 3 tablespoons sugar and heating. Add a little lemon juice. You should go a bit crushing raspberries are heated while
When they are crushed raspberries, and we add the drained gelatine and mix to dissolve all
Pour this sauce of raspberries on the cheesecake and let cool a few hours again.

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