Laranja pato marinado com geléia de figo e cacau

Orange marinated duck with fig jam and cocoa Recipes and food

Laranja pato marinado com geléia de figo e Receitas de cacau


Fig jam com cacau
Peito de pato
Manteiga Milbona
Sal e pimenta
3 oranges
5 g of powdered ginger

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Tempo de cozimento:

35 minutos

We make 3 oranges juice and mix it with ginger powder, sugar and 5 g. salt.

We clean the duck breast, leaving only the fat necessary for the mark does not dry. Once cleaned, punctured and marinate the duck breast. Retain approximately 6 hours. Cut the supreme. Remaining on the skin do diagonal cuts in one direction and the other. Magret caramelize in a pan.

Meanwhile peel and cut the pear for garnish. Sauté conjunction with magret and add a little butter. Rectify with salt and pepper.

Placing Emplatamos cocoa fig jam in the center of the plate and on it the next magret and caramelized pears.

Decorate with a sheet of Salvia.

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