Lentilhas com espinafre

Lentilhas com espinafre Receitas & Food

Lentilhas com receitas Espinafre

Número de porções:


Tempo de cozimento:

45 minutos


150 g spinach
tomate 1 peça
pimenta verde 1 Unidade
head of garlic 1 piece
50 g parecia
Carrot 2 Unit
50 g de cebola
celery 30 g
1 a gosto sal
paprika 1 bit
30 ml

Before starting one part tomato into 3 or 4 pieces, like onion, sliced ​​into strips and pepper and leek
Put in a large pot with the lentils, onion, tomato, pepper, leek and garlic head. Cover it all with water and put to boil. Give to a boil and then turn away all the fire and cooled with tap water
Tirale After all the water returns it to the flame and covers all new clean water, having about three inches of water above the lentils. Add the cup of oil, a couple of chopped celery stalks, sliced ​​carrots and a tablespoon of paprika
Put to heat and bring to a boil, if you lather the fold with a ladle
The time to boil water added chopped spinach. Then cover the pot and leave twenty minutes over medium heat cooking
After that time we found that the lentils are tender, if so, the retired, if not a little more left.

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