Frango à milanesa

Breaded Chicken Recipes & food

Empanados de frango Receitas

Número de porções:


Tempo de cozimento:

45 minutos


200 g de peito de frango
ovos inteiros 1 Unidade
50 tablespoon breadcrumbs
pimenta do reino a gosto 1

The chicken breast can filetearla yourself if you know, very carefully, or buy it and filleted it is in the best ever. Add some salt
Put in a bowl beat the egg, add a pinch of salt, and always to taste pepper
In another bowl, place the breadcrumbs extended, and in another dish some kitchen paper
Go heating a pan with plenty of oil, when hot looks going fillets beaten egg and then the breadcrumbs to coat well. Throw them in the pan and fry well on both sides
When you take them out put them on paper towels to soak excess oil.

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