Sandwich Salmão Fumado

Smoked Salmon Sandwich Recipes & food

Receitas de sanduíche de salmão fumado


20 g bread
20 g smoked salmon
ovos inteiros 1 peça
20 g lettuce
mayonnaise 1 tablespoon Tureen
Nuts 10 g
maçã 1 peça

Número de porções:


Tempo de cozimento:

30 minutos

Egg have to cook, we use pk in a boiled egg sandwich. When cooked it and peel it troeamos
After we split the apple in half, it’ll only use half apple, peel and chop into smallish pieces also
Then continue chopping lettuce and a pair of chopped nuts (walnuts is optional)
Mix all ingredients except the bread course, and add one or two tablespoons of mayonnaise that we use to flavor
May be a bit squashed bread slices by hand and covered with our blend of ingredients prepared closes the sandwich and gently crush it takes a bit for consistency. Ideally, keep a while in the fridge for a while to take it cold.

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