Ovos Mexidos com farinheira

Ovos mexidos com chouriço Receitas

To make this mess we peel the potatoes, washed and sliced ​​as we start or squares not too big to eat well. Put enough water to boil in a pot with a little salt and cook the potatoes. With ten minutes is enough, remove and drain them
Put a pan with enough oil and fry the potatoes, the bags when the observer browned. Escúrrelas to not have excess oil
Part sliced ​​chorizo, which are neither too thin or thick. Fry the chorizo ​​slices in the same oil and sacks of potatoes when ready
Beat eggs in a bowl with a pinch of salt, we take the beaten eggs and potatoes fried mussels. We remove it all together
Peel and chop the onion. Put a pan with very little oil to heat, sauté the onion in it and squishy when we add the mixture of potatoes, sausage and egg. I let the egg while stirring until it curdles everything ready. Serve hot.

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