Ovos cozidos Au Gratin

Ovos cozidos Au Gratin Receitas

Ovos cozidos Au Gratin Receitas

Número de porções:


Tempo de cozimento:

45 minutos


Unidade 5 ovos inteiros
canned tuna in oil 100 g
50 g cooked ham
wheat flour 25 tablespoon
pré-fabricados molho de tomate 40 g
70 g pecorino
250 ml de leite gordo

First of all boil the eggs in salted water, throw them in boiling water and leave about 12-14 minutes before removing
Once the peel and cooked parts in half, yolks and extract it to a bowl toss. The two halves then clear guards
Add the yolks to the bowl of shredded tuna and two or three tablespoons of tomato sauce. Check pepper and salt to taste. Mix all the resulting mass and fill all egg whites
Agora vamos cortar o presunto em tiras e preencher cada ovo metade enrolá-la com um pedaço de presunto
Prepare the batter in a pan with a little oil and flour. Sauté while mixing and slowly add milk, stirring constantly. To flavor you can have salt, pepper and even nutmeg. Place all means eggs in a baking dish and cover with the sauce. After ponles grated cheese over each
Preheat oven to temperature gets good and eggs until gratinen, bring them out when the surface is browned slightly.

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