Chocolate Flan

Chocolate Flan Recipes & food

Ricette Flan al cioccolato

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Tempo di cottura:

45 minuti


Unità 4 uova intere
80 g chocolate powder
500 ml whole milk
150 g di zucchero
20 g vanilla

Must put the milk to boil in a pot and when it starts to boil, add the cocoa powder and stir until it begins to boil again. In a bowl beat the eggs and add the vanilla, chocolate with milk and sugar and stir well until all blended. It only remains to put the mixture into individual containers, which can caramelize previously. Such containers have to put them in another larger container with water to cook them in a water bath
Once cooked, let cool and put in the refrigerator an hour. After this time, remove them from the refrigerator and ready to unmold and serve.

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