Spezzatino di manzo con verdure

Beef stew with vegetables Recipes & food

Stufato di manzo con verdure Ricette

Numero di persone:


Tempo di cottura:

45 minuti


500 g filetto di manzo
Cipolla 140 g
Carota 2 Unità
pomodoro 1 pezzo
250 g di patate
mushrooms 150 g
100 g peas
spicchio d'aglio 1 pezzo
25 ml white wine.

When buying meat you tell the butcher cut the beef into small pieces, if you do not have to do it yourself at home
You also have to peel and chop the potatoes and tomatoes. Chop garlic and onion very finely. Also you must put the mushrooms to soak and if they were frozen peas, to soften
Put to heat a pan with oil and fry the meat pieces. When the meat is browned and the bags in the same oil sofríes onion, garlic and tomato. Add these vegetables and meat to the pot along with the carrots, mushrooms, peas, white wine and a bouillon cube. You can have a glass of water if you want to be more soupy
Now cover the pot and let it cook all 10 minutes. When this time is added to the pot the chopped potatoes. Test the broth and if necessary adding salt and water. Cover again and leave 20 minutes cooking
Check that the meat is finely tender, if not leave a little more time before serving.

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