Stufato Salmone con patate

Salmone stufato con patate Ricette & food

Stufato di salmone con patate Ricette


500 g di salmone fresco
olive oil 6 tbsp
carota 1 pezzo
spicchio d'aglio 3 Unità
cipolla 100 g
leek 120 g
Parsley 20 g
red pepper 1 large unit
pepe verde 2 Unità
erba cipollina 100 g
200 g di patate
tomato juice 200 ml

Numero di persone:


Tempo di cottura:

90 minuti

Broth is prepared by cooking the ingredients for 15 minutes. Strain and reserve. Peel potatoes and Cascan. Sauté in oil over medium heat for five minutes, the peppers and chopped chives. Add the garlic, give it a few turns and sauté potatoes vegetables in this fund about two minutes
Add the tomato sauce, a few minutes left, covered with broth, season and cook until the potato is done. In a pan with hot oil, saute the salmon is seasoned, sprinkled with chopped garlic, and goes on stewed potatoes. Salt to taste, sprinkle with chopped parsley and serve.

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