Pasta fritta Torte

Fried Dough Torte Ricette & food

Fried Dough Torte Ricette


700 g wheat flour
400 ml water
Sale 2 cucchiaino

Numero di persone:


Tempo di cottura:

30 minuti

To make sopaipas to mix the flour in a bowl next to the water and salt to taste, knead well with hands until dough is smooth and elastic. Once we have made ​​the dough, let rest about 40-50 minutes to settle the mass
After this time, we are taking lots of mass, extend and we shape using a rolling pin on a surface dusted with a little oil to prevent the dough sticking to us. We like it so over all portions of dough
Heat the oil in a skillet abundant and we frying with hot oil. When aces put them Accompany them with a little sugar on top or any ingredient sweet as chocolate syrup for example.

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