Tonno con aglio

Tonno con aglio Ricette & food

Tonno con aglio Ricette

Numero di persone:


Tempo di cottura:

45 minuti


800 g fresh tuna
pomodoro 4 Unità
7 Unit garlic
1 al gusto di sale
olive oil 2 tablespoon

Getting Started tuna cleaned well, cut it and season well to leave about
Part 2 tomatoes in half and put a bit of salt to each half, place them on a plate. Now a couple of crushed basil leaves if you have at home and scatter them over the tomatoes. Put a pan with a little oil where we brown the garlic cloves, minced
When lightly browned, add them to the tuna chunks and fries for several minutes, stir until they are good color
When ready, place in the bowl with the tomatoes and juice with the garlic, definitely a good presentation.

Note: you can put the pieces of tuna on a skewer

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