Polpo gallego - Spagna

Galician octopus – Spain Recipes

Boil a pot with enough water pressure. Chop the onion and add it to the pot along with a bay leaf. When the water is boiling, or we take the octopus head and put it in the pot without burning your fingers clear. They have about 5 seconds and removed. When the water boils again we repeat, so two or three times. Finally let the octopus into the pot, cover, let rise and then the valve lower the fire. We left about 20 minutes cooking
When you pass the time, the pot is removed and cooled under the tap is opened and checked that the octopus is cooked through. Otherwise we fire several minutes
Once the octopus cooked, let it cool a bit and cut the legs into slices. Put them in a timber and aliñamos source with a little paprika to the side, a little olive oil and salt. Ready to serve.

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