Sailéad ríse le tuinnín

Rice salad with tuna Recipies & food

Sailéad ríse le Recipies tuinnín

Líon na servings:


Am cócaireacht:

45 nóiméad


50 g corn
onion 60 g
peas 50 g
60 Unit carrot
red pepper 1 large unit
green pepper 1 Unit
500 g rice
tuna stánaithe i 60g ola
30 g cooked ham

The first thing to do is cook the rice. We do it in a pot with water for about 20 minutes
While peeling and chopping let carrots, onions and peppers. The cast all to a large bowl
Then we add the drained peas, tuna in oil, drained and chopped cooked ham into thin strips
Once the rice is cooked, drain it and mix it together with the other ingredients. Season with salt, oil and vinegar to taste and store in the fridge for a while. Ready to eat.

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