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180 g carrot
450 g tomato
onion 70 g
red pepper 1 large unit
1 píosa líomóid
vinegar 25 ml
25 ml olive oil
salann 1 teaspoon
endive 30 g

Líon na servings:


Am cócaireacht:

60 minutes

Strip, clean and chop all ingredients. They may be left uncut leaves of endive for garnish
Blend all ingredients except endive, along with the vinegar, oil and salt until creamy. If desired, you can stop by the Chinese to get a finer texture
Cool the cream until cold or, if you do not want to wait, serve with ice stones. Anyway, should leave it in the fridge or freezer until ready to serve
Divide the chopped endive on the soup when ready to serve.

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