Sairdíní Casserole

Sardines Casserole Recipes & food

Sairdíní Casserole Recipes

Líon na servings:


Am cócaireacht:

45 nóiméad


onion 75 g
tomato 2 Unit
green pepper 1 Unit
flour 1 tablespoon
1000 g fresh sardines
paprika 1 giotán
clove garlic 3 Unit

Chopped onion begins fry in the pan with oil. When added sautéed green pepper and then peeled and chopped tomatoes. Put a little salt
On the other hand, crushed in a mortar and mixed with chilli garlic, some parsley, paprika and saffron. When the water is released tomatoes add this mixture to the pan, a tablespoon of flour and stir all well
Now cover it all with water or fish stock and when it boils put sardines good clean (no guts or scales). We leave the sardines when they start cooking and some color changes, check the salt, cover the pan and remove from heat. We finished our sardines.

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