Bácáilte trosc le prátaí

Baked cod with potatoes Recipes & food

Bácáilte trosc le prátaí Recipes

Líon na servings:


Am cócaireacht:

45 nóiméad


300g fresh cod
200 g potato
onion 70 g
piobar dubh chun blas 1
1 salann chun blas
40 g raisins

Chop the onion and potatoes sliced ​​very thin. Put them in a baking dish to which we previously spread the base with a little butter well extended
Must be fresh cod and well desalted, which we set in the slices or portions that we want and above the base by potatoes. Salpimentamos pieces and accompany with a little parsley
We light the oven at about 190 degrees, when we put the source temperature on cod and leave it for 20 minutes. It will be the time to do that cod is good inside and out.

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