Císte Banana

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Recipes císte Banana

Líon na servings:


Am cócaireacht:

45 nóiméad


250 g wheat flour
150 g sugar
80 g plantain
nuts 60 g
80 g butter
iógart plain 1 píosa
salann 1 teaspoon
black chocolate 90 g
Aonad 3 uibheacha ar fad

We will mix in a bowl the flour, teaspoon salt, sugar, and if you’re at home put another teaspoon baking. It is recommended that the put and sifted flour. Add to this mix the walnuts and chocolate, chocolate you’ll add us is shaped nuggets
Furthermore, the bananas are crushed (a pair of them) with the help of a spoon. A bananas we add the beaten eggs, a little melted butter and yogurt. Mix all the best, some people add a little vanilla extract to give a touch of flavor
Now let’s mix together bananas with flour, this mix is done carefully, stirring with smooth and enveloping
Spread the mold before using it for the biscuit with butter and sprinkle flour on top. Pour batter in pan
Preheat oven to 180 degrees and put the mold when it is at room. Leave about three quarters of an hour until it is well done inside and out.

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