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Recipes & food for Life

Recettes pour la vie

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2 cubes of recognition
7 sprigs of thanks
1 pinch of humility
Une action positive quotidienne
2 tablespoons of joy
1 teaspoon joy for living

Recipes & food: “Today is a good day to begin to thank”

Recettes pour Life ™ de recettes et de la nourriture

Rendre grâce

Positive Thoughts, sweet words, charity and altruism.

How to prepare:

Gratitude is the essence of human nature. When one is able to thank and acknowledge all that surrounds it, is likely to find a reason to give meaning to their own existence.
Living generates a welfare grateful that multiplies through actions. The more gratitude you feel the cook, the better their quality of life, creating a footprint that is impregnated and increases continuously as thankful for everything you have.
Gratitude puts us. It gives us a touch of humility and sensitizes us as it reminds us that we are neither the only, nor can do everything alone.
Add spice to life. Cooking with gratitude and joy in the large kitchen of life to create extraordinary dishes with simple ingredients that account, ready to be shared with everyone.

“Gratitude is the basic ingredient for happiness. Connects us to the world we exalts the soul, gives us the delicious taste with an aroma difficult to duplicate.”

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