Salade de riz

Salade de riz Recettes et nourriture

Riz recettes de salade

Nombre de portions:


Temps de cuisson:

45 minutes


25 g corn
50 g d'oignon
tomate 2 Unité
carotte 1 pièce
10 Unit olives
olive oil 1 tablespoon
40g pecorino
“Basmati” rice white 150 g
ground oregano 1 g
1 à goûter le sel
canned tuna in oil 75 g
100 g lettuce

Boil the rice in a pot with water and salt. Approximately 20 minutes is usually cooked rice
Let slicing tomato, carrot, cheese and onion. Cut them into small pieces that are best for salad
Wash and cut the lettuce into strips not very big, just the opposite
Nous avons mis sur un beau plateau tous les légumes hachés et versez l'huile vidangée thon
When we have the rice ready, rinse with cold tap water and drain. We water with a little olive oil, so we are not pasted
Add the rice to the source and mix with the other ingredients. Season with salt, oil and vinegar and ready to eat.

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