Tiramisu Recettes et nourriture

Tiramisu Recettes

Nombre de portions:


Temps de cuisson:

45 minutes


sugar 120 g
cocoa powder 2 teaspoon
Unit 6 whole eggs
boudoir biscuits 400 g
500g mascarpone cheese

We’ll need one for this cake make some coffee. We leave it to cool
We take two yolks of eggs in a pot with half the sugar, and let water bath while heating stir to make a foaming creamer
Dans un bol assembler le clairement avec le reste du sucre
Mix the yolks now with mascarpone cheese, then add the egg whites gently mounted, so as not to debase
Nous trempons les biscuits dans le café soletilla couvrant la base et les laissons moule
Above the layer we have prepared mixture and sprinkle a little cocoa above. We repeat the same operation for the cookies and cream and cocoa. The last layer of cocoa that is quite generous so we stay pretty
Let cool in the refrigerator several hours before taking.

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