Truffes Liqueur de chocolat

Liqueur Chocolate Truffles Recipes & food

Liqueur truffes au chocolat Recettes

Nombre de portions:


Temps de cuisson:

45 minutes


250 g de chocolat noir
30 g butter
160 ml cream
4 tablespoon rum
30 g de cacao en poudre

Heat the cream in a pan, when the cream is hot chocolate is added (must be chocolate dessert) and butter is going to melt. Go stir to mix everything. When it forms a smooth cream, add the rum and mix again
Once ready, fire away and stored in the refrigerator for a while to cool. When cool, take it out and started making truffles, for this we take lots and shaping it with your hands. When you sprinkle round shape well with cocoa powder, covering it completely, and if you want you can decorate it with some chocolate sprinkles that sell already prepared.

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