Lentilles au Boudin

Avec Bood saucisse lentilles Recepis et nourriture

Lentils with Bood Sausage Recepis

The lentils should be left to soak the night before, to soften and clean at the same time
To make you start putting heat a large pot with about a quart of water. Chop half the onion and half of the head of the head of garlic and you pour into the pot. Some people will take a ham bone and bay leaf for flavor. We left a half hour cooking over medium heat. If we remove foams
In a large skillet, sauté a little oil in the other half of the onion. When to brown add the flour and a pinch of paprika. Stir and add the two chopped tomatoes. We let cook a few minutes and add a cup of broth from the pot
When you have spent a few minutes, add the lentils and some of the broth to skillet and cook until lentils are ready. The sausage is fried, without going over, and she accompanied these rich lentils.

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