En sauce à la viande

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Dans viande recettes de sauce

Nombre de portions:


Temps de cuisson:

45 minutes


400 g beef tenderloin
green pepper 4 Unit
red pepper 1 Unit
Carrot 2 Unit
tomate 2 Unité
75 g d'oignon
30 ml white wine

Chop peppers, onions, thinly sliced ​​carrot and tomato. After ponos to saute over medium heat in a skillet with a splash of oil. Season and stir so the vegetables will do
When the vegetables we get it done in the same oil and toss the pieces of meat in flour. We let them brown out a bit and then we water the meat with a glass of wine. We leave cooking all together for wine alcohol is losing, go stirring occasionally
When the wine has evaporated almost everything trituadas toss the vegetables in a blender. We cover and stir occasionally over low heat. When checks take about ten minutes the meat is just right and remove from heat. Let stand before serving.

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