Poulet à l'ail avec des champignons

Garlic chicken with mushrooms Recipes & food

Poulet à l'ail avec champignons Recettes

Nombre de portions:


Temps de cuisson:

45 minutes


Unit 0.5 whole chicken
7 Unité de l'ail
mushrooms 500 g
potatoes 90 g
60 g d'oignon
green pepper 2 Unit
white wine 50 ml
chili pepper 1 to taste
de farine 1 cuillère à soupe

You’ll use half chicken, ideally when you buy tell your butcher you chop it, then you should spice every piece. Put a pan with a little oil to heat and brown the chicken pieces. When the chicken has good color part and add the garlic cloves and rehógalos for a few minutes before everything away
Part mushrooms into slices and saute in the same pan. When you take them out and do the same with the peppers and chopped onion. When both are poached add a little pepper, a tablespoon of flour and fry, then add the chicken pieces and mushrooms. Water it all with white wine and a glass of water. Simmer 40 minutes away before
On the other hand part and fried potatoes, when we add the browned chicken and sauté stirring everything together for a few minutes before serving.

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