Poulet en sauce aux amandes

Chicken in almond sauce Recipes & food

Poulet en sauce aux amandes Recettes


50 g d'oignon
tomate 1 pièce
40 g bread
30 g almonds
20 ml de vin blanc
250 g chicken breast
5 Unit garlic

Nombre de portions:


Temps de cuisson:

60 minutes

In the carnage we asked troceen breast diced, if we do ourselves. I salted the guso and fry in a pan with oil. Do not let it burn much
In the same skillet, we took out the chicken pieces and fry a little piece of bread. We put it in a blender cup and do the same with almonds
Then chop the garlic and onion and Pochan in the pan, add the chopped tomatoes also. Once we add the sauce ready to baditora. I beat everything together to form a sauce
We put in a clay pot chicken pieces and showered with sauce. We add avecren pad, a glass of wine and likes to be a little saffron if we and laurel. Boil over low heat while stirring occasionally go then. Turn away when I see good color.

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