Poisson avec des légumes

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Poisson avec des légumes Recettes


hake 400 g
oignon 100 g
poivre vert 1 Unité
gousse d'ail 1 pièce
200 ml white wine
canned crushed tomatoes 400 g
40 ml olive oil
1 cc de sel
laurel leaf 25 g
0 peu d'origan moulu

Nombre de portions:


Temps de cuisson:

90 minutes

Chop the onion, red pepper and green pepper (Italian). In a skillet with a little oil and when poached onion changes color add the red pepper and green. We let poche all together until done
While in a mortar, we laminate the garlic and crush it. We add to the other vegetables poached, move and do five minutes left
Add the tomatoes, bay leaf and a teaspoon of oregano, mix
We add the white wine and let it do everything together until the tomato is fried. Salt it and add a pinch of sugar to correct the acidity of the tomato
Assaisonner le poisson et mettre sur le dessus de la tomate
cover and let it do 5-7 minutes per side
Serve hot with so we want more.

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