Anchois au vinaigre

Anchovies in vinegar Recipes & food

Anchovies in vinegar Recipes & food


100 ml d'huile d'olive
vinegar 300 ml
100 de l'eau
10 g de persil
1000 g anchovies

Nombre de portions:


Temps de cuisson:

90 minutes

Anchovy, ideally, is to buy and clean the fish. If not then we have to clean them very well for us
To clean them first remove the head and viscera. After open by half, without actually removing them crush and the backbone. Washed with water and placed in a container with cold water sufficiently. Soon we repeat the washing process and change the cold water, then store it in the refrigerator an hour or two
When you pass the time, in a bowl put water, vinegar and a little salt. We put the anchovies, the better they are face-down in an orderly manner. We left about 2 hours as well. After taking one to one we SLOS anchovies, put them in another container and impregnate with olive oil. Once done, you chop garlic and parsley and add it. We keep it in the fridge for several hours and will be ready to eat.

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