Würstchen mit Kartoffelpüree und Käse

Sausages with mashed potato and cheese Recipes & food

Würstchen mit Kartoffelpüree und Käse-Rezepte


25 ml whole milk
200 g Kartoffeln
30g pecorino
schwarzer Pfeffer nach Geschmack 1
1 bis Salz Geschmack
100 g chicken sausage
Eigelb 2 Einheit

Anzahl der Portionen:


Zeit zum Kochen:

20 minutes

This recipe is easy to make but orginial dish, you can serve to prepare any lunch or dinner
Start preparing Mash potatoes to the boil it in a pot with enough water and a little salt. Ideally, boiling and peeled and chopped
Once you have them cooked, put them in the bowl of the mixer. Add egg yolks and milk, also pour some pepper and salt, to taste of each. Whisk everything well until pureed cream we seek
Once we have the puree, you have to fry the sausages in the fryer or skillet with enough oil. You can use the type sausages that you like
Then turn the oven temperature to go taking. Spread the puree on a tray or source suitable for use in the oven. Put the sausages on mash and top with grated cheese. Like sausages, use the one you like cheese
When the oven is at room gets the source and a few minutes to let the cheese gratin. Serve hot sure that everyone likes.

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