Salmon Fleischbällchen

Lachs Frikadellen Rezepte & Essen

Salmon Rezepte Fleischbällchen

Anzahl der Portionen:


Zeit zum Kochen:

45 Minuten


600 g fresh salmon
yolk 1 Unit
15 ml whole milk
50 g bread
Knoblauchzehe 3 Unit
Zwiebel 60 g
4 Unit tomato
15 ml white wine

Ideally, prepare the dough for the dumplings a few hours before, for it you must have a clean and well chopped salmon, almost shredded, it is important that you do not have thorns
Put the salmon pieces in a bowl and mix with the egg yolk, pepper, parsley, salt and bread crumbs soaked in milk yesterday. Mix everything well and keep this dough in the fridge
At the time of making them, put oil covering the bottom of a pan and heat. Go to form balls with the dough and raisins in a bowl with flour. The brown them in the pan and we put on a plate with paper towels
Once all the meatballs in the same oil sauté the minced garlic and onion. To these we add the chopped tomatoes and skinless salpimenta. Cook several minutes and add a splash of wine. Leave to evaporate
When you have made ​​this sauce and meatballs are added a splash of water. Cover the pan and let cociándose few minutes all together. Away when you verify that the meatballs are ready.

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