Champignons und Knoblauch-Suppe

Champignons und Knoblauch Suppe-Rezepte

Chop the mushrooms, a clove of garlic and ham. Heat a pan with oil and sauté the garlic and ham, then add the mushrooms and a few minutes to let the liquid is reduced
Heat a saucepan with a half liter of water and salt. In a mortar, crush the other clove garlic, paprika and a drizzle of oil and water. We mix and pour into the saucepan. We add the mushrooms and let them go a few minutes cooking. Then strain sliced ​​bread (stale bread is better than the day before), tomato and egg. We left everything simmering
While a smaller saucepan put water to boil, put in a glass transparent paper into the paper and threw a few drops of oil, an egg and a little salt and pepper, close the paper with string and toss the paper the egg into the pan of boiling water. We left about 5 minutes to “pochen”. We do it with 4 eggs
Serve the soup with an egg of each dish prepared.

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