Linsen mit Gemüse

Linsen mit Gemüse Rezepte & Essen

Linsen mit Gemüse Rezepte

Anzahl der Portionen:


Zeit zum Kochen:

45 Minuten


300 g lentils
grünem Pfeffer 1 Unit
head of garlic 1 piece
Tomaten 1 Stück
Karotte 1 Stück
schienen 40 g
70 g Kartoffeln
Zwiebel 60 g
Salz 1-Bit-

Ten lentils to soak the night before, it is imperative for the lentils are tender when most of them
To make this lentil stew very first have to chop all vegetables, cutting them in the form of slices or small squares for better guisarlos
Once you have prepared all the vegetables, put them in a large pan with a little oil in the bottom. Heat rehoguen and let it simmer for several minutes
When the vegetables are tender, add a liter of water to the pan. Now well drained lentils that are soaked and you throw in the pot. Stir, add a little salt and simmer simmering all at least an hour or an hour and a half. This will either lentils with vegetables
If as time goes by it is becoming a little water, add a little more to not thicken much. Them aside when they are ready.

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