Gekochte Andaluz - Spanien

Gekochte Andaluz - Spanien Rezepte & Essen

Cooked Andaluz – Spain Recipes

Put the beans to soak the night before, this is important for the chickpeas are tender and good when we make the stew
Place a pot with water to boil, take the pot a ham bone if you, the beef before using it, the bacon and the beans and soaking water drained. Some people put the chickpeas in a network. Leave simmering over medium heat and occasionally removed the foam is created
When you take an hour add the green beans, potatoes and carrots, peeled and chopped. Add salt and baking again left all together
From the 2 hours of firing and will see that tender chickpeas. It time to fire away the cooked
To serve, put the dish with chickpeas and vegetable broth, and bacon with meat apart if you want to eat it with bread. The broth is usually harvested for rice, and meat for croquettes.

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