Artischocken sind Stew

Artischocken sind Stew Rezepte & Essen

Artischocken sind Eintopf Rezepte


500 g artichokes
400 g potato
Knoblauchzehe 3 Unit
70 g bread
1 Stück Zitronen
Olivenöl 3 EL
laurel leaf 10 g
1 TL schwarzer Pfeffer
1 Teelöffel Salz

Anzahl der Portionen:


Zeit zum Kochen:

90 Minuten

We clean the artichokes, remove outer leaves and cut in half
Peel the potatoes, cut into medium pieces limpiamosy
In a pan put the artichokes, potatoes, lemon peel, two tablespoons of oil, salt and bay leaf. Cover with water and cook over medium heat
In a pan fry the halved garlic and bread until golden. Crush in mortar with pepper. Grind well, dilute broth cooking with artichokes and toss into the pot along with them
We let cook until ready. We removed the bay leaf and lemon wedge and serve hot.

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